Top 20 of 2021 wedding trends

Let’s see what’s in it for 2021 wedding trends

Following trends is a lot of fun for us, but wedding trends are looking a little different these days, as couples and vendors continue to respond to the complexities of wedding planning in the aftermath of Covid-19. While we don’t know when weddings as we know them will return, one thing is certain: weddings in 2021 will be celebrations of reunion and recovery, not just love. As wedding restrictions are offset with statement florals, bold bridal style, and thoughtful decor, we’re already seeing lots of inspiring 2021 wedding trends to emerge. We can’t wait to share our favorite wedding trends for 2021 with you, with equal parts maximalism and minimalism!

1. The #microwedding

Micro weddings are those with a guest list of less than 30 people. The #microwedding will be huge in 2021, whether it’s due to budget constraints, having a two-part wedding, or just choosing to cut down to only the few family and friends the couple can’t live without. Above all, they encourage the bride and groom to spend quality time with each and every guest, which is one of the reasons for its growing popularity.

2. Color of the year from Pantone

Pantone has selected two colors as their ‘Colour of the Year’ this year: Ultimate Gray (a soft grey) and Illuminating Yellow (a vibrant yellow). “Two separate colors that show how different elements come together to help one another,” according to Pantone, and we think they’re great starting points for floral or decor mood boards! They not only look amazing next to lush greenery, but they also complement each other beautifully.

3. Bold Bridal Style

Based on some of the incredible bridal style we’ve seen in the last year, we predict that many 2021 brides will go bold for their wedding looks. We’re going to see a lot of epic non-traditional bridal looks in 2021, thanks to a lot of rule-breaking bridal trends including brides in color and short dresses combined with long veils, as well as having fun with accessories and footwear.

4. DIY Wedding Decor

DIY wedding decor is making a comeback! A trend that has waned in popularity in recent years has resurfaced with a bang, as 2021 couples use all of the skills they learned in lockdown to create practical and imaginative wedding decor!

5. Garden Weddings

As couples take advantage of the fresh air and wide open spaces, romantic back-garden weddings at home and weddings at venues with magical gardens will be huge this summer.

6. Colourful Palettes

Warmer tones and bold color palettes will be popular, replacing the traditional blush and ivory palette. Expect fresh bursts of color, imaginative palettes, color-clashing, print mixing, and statement hues that haven’t been seen before at weddings in the new year.

7. Chic Bridal Style at City Hall

Many couples are opting for intimate, micro, and two-part weddings, and brides are using their ‘little big day’ to make seriously big fashion statements! 2021 will see a massive spike in city hall weddings, with many couples opting for intimate, micro, and two-part weddings, and brides are using their ‘little big day’ to make seriously big fashion statements! We’re looking forward to seeing more ‘city hall chic’ bridal looks in our real weddings this year, from short and nice dresses to suits and jumpsuits!

8. Shop Local

We’re seeing an increasing number of couples choosing to support Santorini’s network of wedding suppliers, bridal boutiques, and small businesses by working with local vendors.

9. Lighting from a Fairytale

When the sun goes down, the lights come on. Whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor wedding reception, lighting can set the tone and mood for the evening. As a result, it’s no surprise that fairytale lighting is one of the year’s most common wedding trends. In 2021, expect to see a slew of dreamy, one-of-a-kind statement lighting choices, from uncovered bulbs to festoon and string light installations to antique chandeliers and classic fairy lights mixed and matched.

10. Technology in Weddings

Attending a zoom hen party, sending e-vites, shooting your engagement shoot virtually (yes, really! ), live-streaming your day, viewing venues virtually, or attending virtual bridal appointments are just a few of the ways technology will play a role in 2021 weddings. Wedding photography and videography will be more relevant than ever before, as couples opt for smaller weddings to share their special day with family and friends who cannot attend.

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