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Santorini weddings for unforgettable memories.
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Your wedding adventure starts here
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Venue finding and consulting
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Santorini Wedding Planner

With the most spectacular sunset in the world, Santorini is the perfect destination for an exquisite wedding. The breathtaking scenery and the romantic atmosphere make it a unique destination. Picture yourselves getting married in Santorini as the sun sets over caldera and the clear blue waters slowly acquire a purple shade. Doesn’t this sound idyllic?

Aegean Special Weddings, is a distinguished wedding planning agency in Santorini that provides a full range of services in designing, planning and managing a client’s wedding in Santorini. We also arrange pre-wedding and after-wedding activities upon request.

Our Services

santorini wedding planner

Booking your wedding venue

santorini wedding planner

Wedding decoration

santorini wedding planner

Making wedding ceremony

Reception arrangements

Beauty care services for the couple

Transfer arrangements for the couple and their guests

Photography and videography of the wedding

santorini wedding venues


Find the perfect venue for your wedding in Santorini.

santorini wedding agency


Aegean Special Weddings offers a wide selection of wedding packages.

Legal papers

Check the wedding documents as well as the legal requirements which are necessary for a wedding in Santorini

What Couples Say


I want to thank you for everything you did to prepare all of us for our wedding in Santorini.
You certainly made it all easier and worry-free for me.

Mary and Jay

Thank you for all your help to make my wedding day beautiful.
We really appreciate you being there that day because your positive attitude
and happiness was highly contagious! The drapes were lovely and I felt like you were our cheerleader routing us on! My mom won't stop talking about how fantastic you are and
she was just tickled when you stepped in to help out!
The wedding turned out just PERFECT like you said it would! Thanks again.

Lindsey and Jim

Well, we did it !!! Without you we would have been completely lost,
you are an amazing team. Everyone in my bridal party including parents
were very pleased and thankful for everything you did for us and them.
An extremely huge thank you again, we had a blast!!!

Angela and Paul

Wow! We were blessed to have you as our wedding planner! Your attention to detail is truly a gift we appreciate you sharing that gift with us.

Wedding Couples

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